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We provide Comprehensive services that are specially developed by our team for your well-being, (so Sista Chile no worries ova here..) We will be with you through your entire journey. Enjoy your freedom while receiving top-notch services in the comfort of knowing you are in our care. Trust me after two rounds I know surgery takes a major toll on the body and I want you to rest assured we are here for your post operative needs.

No matter what you need we got your back!

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Lymphatic Drainage Massage

 Joyce is the Head Masseuse and House Manager, trust me she knows what she is doing. This treatment is designed to help your body achieve the desired results you seek and we perform this necessary procedure because most doctors require you to have a minimum of 10 massages, but you could require more depending on how your body responds after surgery.  

Overnight Nurse

This is the most crucial part of your journey and shouldn't be taken lightly. your overnight nurse is responsible for your medical care during the most critical time post op, after your procedure is completed you will stay at the clinic for monitoring and evaluation (typically12-24hrs). You will be required to hire a nurse/companion) that is a seperate cost from your stay with us. It is your nurses job to monitor you and ensure no urgent events arise immediately following surgery. Our nurses are bilingual and are efficient in their responsibilities for you.

Recovery House Stay

This is the most critical service we offer. Our recovery house is Fully equipped to provide the care you need during your time here. At your disposal are 24hr nurses, laundry, housekeeping, professional chefs and drivers to attend all your needs for one low cost without having to break the bank. 

All of  our nurses are licensed and certified.

Airbnb Servicing

Sometimes we can feel more comfortable in our own private space, Does this apply to you? Ask about our Airbnb Team. we have several  Airbnb private options you can book.. Clean organized Airbnb from a trusted source.. Want to add Nursing, Drivers, Cooking, Cleaning just add the option to your order! 

Salts Massage

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