What all will I need for my BBL?

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

Your surgery plans shouldn’t end on the day of the procedure. After taking into account the research, consultation, surgery, hospital fees, anesthesia, and post-op meds, you might think you’re on your way to new jeans the moment you wake up. But certain procedures, like Brazilian butt lifts, often require more aftercare in order to ensure a faster and more comfortable recovery. We asked two dolls what all they required on their journey and these are the most important..

Compression garment

Most surgical procedures, especially those involving liposuction, require you to wear a compression garment afterward. Brazilian butt lifts are no exception. The garment puts pressure on the areas where incisions were made and reduces swelling and bruising by keeping blood circulating. “When they fit properly, which requires measurement, these garments can easily provide great compression in the first six weeks after surgery,” says, Elisabeth Jean, a board-certified Registered Nurse in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. She recommends Melibelt Faja: “It provides the best combination of a sturdy garment called powernet that will hold up over time but also provides stretch so that patients can safely get through their most swollen phase without damage to their skin.”

3026 Diana – Melibelt Shapewear – United State (fajasmelibeltusa.com) (149.99) You may purchase them directly from recovery house during your stay which is what we recommend.

BBL pillow

Post-BBL, nothing is going to sound worse than sitting down on a hard surface for longer than a minute or two. That’s where BBL pillows come in. Dr. Celestin says that she’s tried them all in her practice, including beach-style chairs with blow-up cushion seats, but “the type of pillow that results in the highest degree of patient satisfaction is the rectangular shape with the thigh dips cut out and a memory foam layer at the top.” Your doctor may include one in your BBL package, but it’s a good idea to have a few different shapes on hand as you go through the various recovery stages. check them out ..

Amazon.com: bbl pillow


Recovery house owner, Lizzie, recommends stocking up on Gatorade for after surgery, as the electrolytes will help to keep you hydrated when you may not feel like eating or drinking enough water. (Though doctors can’t stress it enough: drinking plenty of water is crucial to keep swelling down and ease muscle aches.)

Sanitary pads and adult diapers

It’s not sexy, but you’re going to need heavy-flow sanitary pads or adult diapers, to collect fluid drainage from the surgical sites for the first few days post-op. Make sure to change them frequently, to prevent infection. (It’s also not a bad idea to get a cheap set of sheets you don’t mind staining to sleep on during this time.) we also recommend chux pads for sanitary and safety reasons as they are disposable and easy to switch out, especially when you don't feel like moving about.

OTC pain medication

“Pain management is important [for your BBL recovery] because your positions of comfort are so limited for a good amount of time,” says Dr. Soto, a board certified plastic surgeon in the DR. In addition to the prescription medications that your doctor will prescribe, he recommends having the following on hand just in case.

Ibuprofen: “It’s an extremely effective anti-inflammatory medication that helps with discomfort but also that rise in swelling that occurs quickly after surgery.”

Vitamin C and zinc: “These supplements promote healing of the skin and soft tissue. You want to be sure that you are nutritionally replete with these key elements after a surgery like BBL.”

Bromelain: Dr. Soto notes that while his patients report that this pineapple-derived supplement helps significantly with swelling and bruising after surgery, he prefers just eating fresh pineapple. “The added benefit of that is, the additional fiber you’ll be ingesting will help prevent constipation after surgery,” he says. (Dr. Soto recommends stool softeners to his patients in order to help with that side effect.)

Arnica: This herbal supplement can help speed up bruise healing, but you should check with your doctor to see if they recommend the topical or ingestible form of it for you. personally our favorite pick for this supplement is Arnica Montana, a few of these bad babies under the tongue and you are the swell conquer. Please always ask your physician before taking any OTC supplements.

Benadryl: According to Dr. Soto, “Benadryl can help with some of the itchiness that occurs after liposuction procedures, and when used as directed, it can also be a very useful sleep aid for people who have difficulty falling asleep on their stomach—a position that BBL recovery requires.”

Antibacterial body wash

Antibacterial soaps will help kill bacteria on the skin and keep incision areas clean. Opt for those without added artificial fragrance and apply them with a soft sponge rather than a scratchy loofah.

Dr. Soto recommends Hibiclens 2 days prior to surgery and during wash ups postoperative.

Body lotion

It’s common to feel dry and itchy after surgery due to the incisions, garments, swelling, and change in bathing routine, which is why it’s so important to moisturize daily. Look for lotions that have cocoa or shea butter and always apply right after showering, when your skin is still damp. We at Lizzie's Recovery House always recommend Gold Bond Medicated for this reason. “Moisturizing is also a great opportunity to start doing self-massage, which is a key element of BBL recovery,” I might add.

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