"So many Doctors are giving infections, how do I protect myself?"

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

I'm not blaming, condoning, or supporting anyone with my statement...FYI

It's not the hospital... It's not the doctors... It's not the patient... It's not the recovery house... It's everyone...Everybody plays a part..

But for case and point ...one major factor of infections is the fact that the doctor, recovery house and coordinators all tell you that you must wash in a certain cleanser 2 days before surgery correct? .. Now you are thinking "Does that mean running the cloth over my body like I normally do when I wash?" No, that means apply it with a body scrubber, loofah sponge, exfoliant of some kind and allow it to sit for 10 minutes minimum, while its sitting its killing all your good and bad bacteria as it sits on your skin. If you do this process everywhere on the body and do a good body scrub at least three times before surgery, this will eliminate the chances of infection. We all have good and bad bacteria, but if you put it in the wrong place at the wrong time, oh boy.. so if we now mix the fact that you didn't cleanse effectively with the fact that the inexperienced tech that is preparing you for surgery, now swabs you 4 times with the anti septic, (but remember you have lotion and your cute smelling fragrance that you love so much) he don't give a crap about that, he just swabbed you to 4 times that's what they trained him to do in class so he does it and did it cleanse the area? No...and then the doctor cuts on you (he don't care, he is just doing it because you're just a body on his table and He's trying to push on through to the

next one. Now he closes you back up, ohhh, you don't know where this infection came from.... Well now you know... To prevent this.. coordinators, doctors, recovery houses, and staff must be educated on this entire process but so should the patient, It has nothing to do with the Dominican Republic it has to do with you putting yourself in this type of situation and you must educate yourself on how to protect yourself, that's why your surgery cost so much in the United States. It is not the procedure (that's easy) it's because the surgical center that you're going to, the doctors that you're using, the technicians that you're using, spent thousands and thousands of hours doing classes to teach them things to look for ,the simple things, to prevent infection.. Here we just train them how to perform their duty we expect you to come and know what to do and what not to do with your own body. That's not anyone else's responsibility..

So I say this to say, there is a beginning for everything and if a great, successful out come is what you desire then these are some simple steps to take to help achieve them.

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