Recovery has me "in so much pain" why?

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Surgery, of any type, can be a pretty challenging ordeal, but when you get the kind you just suffered through, recovery can be a bit of a challenge

. . First of all, there's the mental component of dealing with the prospect of going through the procedure, Having the procedure only to find out this is not what we told you it would be like. "sure a little pain but this!".

And then there's the recovery process once you get home.

Many experts and doctors, however, have been exploring the potential usefulness of protein supplements after surgery. How can protein supplements assist with recovery? Is there any science to back this practice? Yes. Plenty of docs will tell you and I'm sure you have heard FEED THE FAT by now in the surgery community, this is what they mean.

The General Idea

It's not unusual for a surgery patient, regardless of the surgery that they've undergone, to lose about five to ten percent of their total body weight, but with major plastic surgery (BBL mostly) we are moving a lot of body mass(Fat) and then we are repositioning it in another area. So think of the trauma to remove it and the trauma to place it where we want it to go (and Stay), that's havoc on the body. Now let's discuss this pain you are feeling. As the tissues reconnect and try to heal they use 5x more calories which mean more fat, carbohydrates, and protein as before. If you aren't adequately eating after surgery, be it no appetite or what ever the case may be, you have now given you body permission to get what it wants from muscles, skin, and tissues everywhere basically. That's where the inflammation (hence pain) comes from.

The Science

Post-surgery nutrition is about a lot more than just weight control, because now you must eat to help the body recover AND you must eat enough to prevent the body stealing from those glorious fat cells that the doctor just gave you.

Surgery, by its very nature, requires various muscles and tissues to be moved

and/or damaged. And that's going to put pressure on your body to fix the damage that's been done. All of those tissues that need to be fixed are made up of amino acids – which enter your body through dietary protein.

While at the recovery house it is important to eat every meal and snack that is given because your body needs it for fuel. We need to ensure healthy recovery by making sure we are getting adequate amounts of protein and that our body has everything it needs to fix any of the damage done during surgery.

First, it's important to say that the concept of protein improving recovery rates hasn't been thoroughly studied with surgery specifically in mind. Still, there's good reason to believe that that's how things work.

Numerous studies have found the protein supplements can speed up the recovery process associated with athletic injuries and the damage caused by physical activity. And muscle damage is muscle damage. Regardless of what caused the problems, proteins offer the solution.

What about the weight loss faced by surgical patients? A 2016 study published in the journal Nutrition, specifically examined the potential benefit of protein supplements on bariatric patients – who are at a much higher risk of protein deficiency and extreme weight loss than other groups.

After six months, the patients who were given regular protein supplements retained muscle mass while losing fat mass, meaning that they achieved a health body composition.


Surgery, even when it's completely necessary, is a traumatic experience for the body. And, to fully recover, various nutrients are going to be needed in higher quantities than are normally required.

Protein, as the source of amino acids, are especially important for surgical patients. The exact amount of protein needed, however, is going to depend on the type of surgery, your overall diet, your fitness level and many other health factors. I hope this helps you get a general idea of how to have the best results during your post op journey. We can help work on a nutritional plan to sustain optimal results. just reach out to us..

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