Find Board Certified Doctors Here

Of course this seems like the most logical thing to do, but what if you have no idea where to begin? The first step will be to enter some names you hear floating around or to visit this site and search members. There Are several I will warn you, so don't get overwhelmed.

If you choose to take my recommendations I will list doctors that we have worked with in the past that are phenomenal.

  1. Dr. Marcos Cuevas Soto more natural results

  2. Dr. Patrick St Louis does well with smaller frames

  3. Dra. Agustina Hilário Duran the queen of small framed Vixen look

  4. Dr. Severo Mercedes Acosta, MMD does well with heavier BMI and us super thick queens . Its important to find a doctor that specializes in your frame size.

The list can go on but you must do your do diligence and research. Now you will notice that the most talked about doctors, Cabral for sure, are not listed, Have you wondered why? Its because they AREN"T CERTIFIED, which is why the death count is high and the risk is great. Some dolls are willing to risk it all to have their work, not something I recommend but it is a sad truth and it's their choice.






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