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This is what his package includes with us...

The most important information that you should know before scheduling your surgery are: 

Flight Ticket:
Arrival in the country must be at least 2 days before your surgery if your flight is less than 5 hours. If your flight is 5 hours or more, you must arrive in the country at least 4 days before your surgery. 

Minimum Stay Required: 
You must arrive a minimum of 2 days prior to surgery..
The minimum surgery time for post operative stay in Dominican Republic is at least 10 days, by the Ministry of Health 🇩🇴. 
...You may fly out on the 10th day but not before per regulations, also,

be mindful each doctor has a certain amount of time that they require their patients to arrive or leave after and before surgery you must confirm with your doctor before buying your flight how many days you must arrive and how many days before you can depart.. (To do so will be at your own risk not the recovery house)..

  Payments are non-refundable because that bed is booked for you and only you and if an audit happens we must be able to show that we did have the accommodation available for you when you arrived.) 

Overnight nurse:
You must designate a companion/ overnight nurse who is willing to stay with you for the first 24 hours after surgery for your overnight stay. If you don’t have one, we can assist you with our nursing services option, available with additional costs of $100.
Please note for patients requiring transfusion there is an additional charge of $30 for the extended time as transfusions take a while to complete.. 


Dr. G includes 10 days for your RH stay, you are responsible for the remaining required days, which is 4-5, at his discounted rate $85.

You must arrive 2 days before your scheduled surgery and not depart before 12-13 days after surgery for a total stay of 14-15 days..

Please send screenshots of deposits to Julie to confirm the deposit deduction from your total balance with doctor... 

        Deposits $200 

Deposit is good for 1 year from date paid,

but if you don't cancel within 7 days of arrival you forfeit deposit...

 Deposits can be sent to 


Jennie miller


After you send your deposit

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