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It's time to discover you. Come join us to learn about our community and why it may not be what you think.

For so long we have been conditioned to believe that in order to have the body we want we have to diet and exercise, but wait, haven't you been doing that and you found yourself constantly struggling to enjoy life because of the dire restraints you put on yourself to keep the weight off? Well we are here to tell you to look no more for the solution. Come learn how to keep a healthy lifestyle, research Procedures that can have a beautiful impact on changing your view of the beautiful you. Our recovery house is here to help you discover more than a safe and healing atmospere, we are her to help you achieve long lasting results and a community where you are accepted and free to reseach a better you without judgement.


Our Recovery House is located in the Dominican Republic

No longer do you have to say "Miami is my only option" because you have found the best option. We are American owned and we know what it takes to feel safe enough to consider beginning such a daunting task by leaving the country. Don't worry our team will keep you safe.

Our Commitment To You

We work with some of the most well known doctors in this field and we can get you booked with them in a matter of days. no more waiting months for a coordinator to get back to you when they are available. You can handle all your surgical needs with us. We will work with the doctors team to get you quoted and booked in no time. Hassle free


Coordinator Services

Our all inclusive coordinating services will make your surgery a breeze. From start to finish were are here for you. Check out our quotes section to begin the journey to a new you!

  • Quote with your preferred doctors

  • Secure and book your surgery date

  • Personal Liaison between you and the doctor

  • Book your Recovery House/transportation

  • Provide you with pre-travel and packing checklist

  • Provide you with a surgery expense tracker

  • Open communication throughout your journey

We provide comprehensive care services that are specially developed by our team, for your well being.


Dr. Guidicelli Saba

Dr. Patrick    St. Louis

Dr. Maros Soto Cuervas

Dr. Ramon Sabala

Dr. Cynthia Disla

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You have got to be tired of being told the same thing over and too. Miami is not it boo, welcome to Santo Domingo!!

Hi, I'm Jennie and welcome to my little hovel in Lizzie's RH. My Job is to ensure safe passage for all our dolls. I help provide a safe and comfortable experience because I can relate to your doubts and fears as I have been where you are and honey it is the most overwhelming process. But, if I wanted to finally change my life then this was a task I had to tackle no matter how afraid I was. AND boy am I glad I did! My surgical journey changed more than just how I viewed my body, this journey change my entire


F*ck what they have to say, come on its time for you..

Life from the way I thought, to how I cared for myself physically and mentally. So don't let anyone try to convince you that you are vain or self centered because your are having plastic surgery. Its more than superficial and I will teach you all about it soon, but for know take a look around the site, meet some of the docs we work with. Not sure how to go forward? No problem, I got ya. Just send me a message here and i will walk you through the steps if this is the first time you are looking into having a surgical experience. If you are a pro at this, I got you too girl!! Just breeze right on through and go here to request everything you need love!


I'm going to need you to do some research for me. I have attached the professional profile with the board of plastic surgery in  the Dominican Republic to each doctor. Go research them and see if you like what they have to offer.. Don't need a doc, skip this step..


If you don't have a doctor, complete this form to get quoted by one of ours. If you have the doctor of choice in mind already..then what are you waiting for move on to Booking your Recovery House with us you will be glad you did. Simply follow this link to get your reservation done..


Start planning your stay with us. This mean Diet and excise should be completed and we are in the

''Hemo Junkie'' phase. medical medical medical, knowledge, prescriptions and everything else we will need for our stay its time to get it together!..


Be sure no matter where you stay during your recovery, that you choose a safe and responsible place to heal. Yes, I know it can be difficult because there are so many mixed reviews but if you take your time you should be able to use you better judgement and choose what will work for YOU, not what someone else said you should do because at the end of the day it will be you who will go through this journey... You can request Recovery house and Airbnb options right here. Of course you know its always a blast at LizziesRH but I'm not here to apply pressure only to ensure safe results.

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