We provide a crucial opportunity for you to ensure your surgical journey is completely satisfying knowing all your needs are met.

We understand the planning of your surgical journey takes a lot of research and hard work. We are here to help you navigate the process and ensure you return on your flight just as you arrived, just with a better version of you.

      No one wants to be ill-informed about the process and that's why we created a community where you can feel free to ask and answer all the questions you have.

Our team consist of everything your journey requires, Recovery House


Airbnb (If you require your own privacy or have family  with you)

Overnight Nurse( for your postop 24hr stay at the clinic)

Masseuse (Lymphatic Drainage)

Coordinators (surgical consultants)

without you having to search and find  on your own. 

Our team was built to work together to effectively communicate your needs.