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Considering Cosmetic Surgery?

It's time to discover you. Come join us to learn about our community and why it may not be what you think.

For so long we have been conditioned to believe that in order to have the body we want we have to diet and exercise, but wait, haven't you been doing that and you found yourself constantly struggling to enjoy life because of the dire restraints you put on yourself to keep the weight off? Well we are here to tell you to look no more for the solution. Come learn how to keep a healthy lifestyle, research Procedures that can have a beautiful impact on changing your view of the beautiful you. Our recovery house is here to help you discover more than a safe and healing atmospere, we are her to help you achieve long lasting results and a community where you are accepted and free to reseach a better you without judgement.


Our Recovery House located in the Dominican Republic

Recover from surgery with Our Certified registered nurses who can give you 24hr preoperative care and  postoperative care at our Santo Domingo Dominican Republic location and enjoy the freedom of knowing we are available when you get back to the states Home Health Care

Lizzie's Home Care is a division  of Lizzie's Recovery House Serving our United States based clients returning home and in need of home care services. Lizzie's Recovery House also has a Licensed, Non-Medical Homecare Agency located in Columbia, SC serving the Lexington, Fairfield, and Richland County Areas. We also hire Independent contractors across the Continental USA and its territories.


Coordinator Services

Our all inclusive coordinating services will make your surgery a breeze. from start to finish were are here for you. Check out our quotes section to begin the journey to a new you!

  • Quote with your preferred doctors

  • Secure and book your surgery date

  • Personal Liaison between you and the doctor

  • Book your Recovery House/transportation

  • Provide you with pre-travel and packing checklist

  • Provide you with a surgery expense tracker

  • Open communication throughout your journey

We provide comprehensive care services that are specially developed by our team, for your well being.

                  Home Care

Lizzie's Recovery House: A Leader in Postoperative Care

Registered and Certified Nurses

We provide comprehensive care services that are specially developed by our team, for your well being.


A luxury place full of vital and POSITVE energy

We are Experts who can assist in providing Medical Care for Post-Operative Healing that is designed to suite your needs.

Lizzie's Recovery House is a special home where patients recover after having surgery in SAnto Domingo. We provide a caring, friendly and warm enviorment for our patients to recuperate after their surgery. We offer 24/7 Care with Certified and Registered Nurses who provide Medical care, Meals, and Personal Care while following guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health. You will receive one on one care with us and the best attention possible.


Dining with us has never been more pleasant as we give you a taste of the local fare while also providing the ability to receive American dishes at your pleasure.


Our cook is available for your personal comfort and convenience.


Enjoy full air conditioning in all common areas as well as your room at you leisure.

Enjoy the Ultimate Post-operative Recovery Experience

Your surgery is going to be physically demanding  and emotionally draining but with our knowledgeable staff we can give you a high level of care while offering as close to the comfort of your own home as possible. Let us arrange the best Team for your needs as this can be the difference between a smooth recovery and one that can have irrevocable consequences on your body and mind.

We understand exactly what is involved in securing you the best care and finding the best doctors for you.